What I Know Now After Cycling for 103 Days Around Europe
What I Know Now After Cycling for 103 Days Around Europe103 days. 15 weeks. 2472 hours. Three different ways to measure the amount of time I spent on my first multi-day trip cycling in Europe. I went into this knowing very little about cycling tours in Europe, or even about cycling itself. I wanted an adventure, and knew that I would learn anything that I […] Read more
Meet the Locals: Morfar Empanadas in Split, Croatia
Meet the Locals: Morfar Empanadas in Split, CroatiaSantiago Nieto, David Folis, and Valeria Garcés own Morfar, an empanada shop in Split, Croatia. “We met in Split by coincidence, we had friends in common,” says Santiago. “The Argentinian community isn’t massive so it’s quite normal to know people.” David and Valeria sold empanadas through social media, and Santiago was a customer. Later, the […] Read more
What I Know Now About Teaching English in Korea and Taiwan
What I Know Now About Teaching English in Korea and TaiwanTeaching English in South Korea and other Asian markets continues to increase in popularity, especially for Americans due to Europe’s strict visa regulations. Before contemplating the different aspects of teaching English in Taiwan and South Korea, first consider the not-so-romantic facets of what this decision means by asking yourself what you hope to gain by […] Read more
What to Do in Puerto Vallarta
What to Do in Puerto VallartaPuerto Vallarta has long been one of Mexico’s most captivating coastal destinations. Still, it’s understandable for travelers who may not be familiar with this side of Mexico to ask about what to do in Puerto Vallarta.  Fortunately, there’s plenty to do throughout Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas. Whether you prefer spending lazy days at […] Read more
How to Study Abroad in Spain
How to Study Abroad in SpainMaking the choice to spend my junior year of college studying abroad in Spain changed my life for the better. From meeting friends that continue to be a part of my life to getting a firsthand experience of a culture I’ve grown to respect and love, I highly recommend taking a chance and living in […] Read more
Meet The Locals: Mate Vukorepa in Split, Croatia
Meet The Locals: Mate Vukorepa in Split, CroatiaMate Vukorepa is a shipbuilder in Split, Croatia. (If the name sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve already met Mate’s wife, Tea, in our first installment of Meet the Locals.) Mate loves Split’s beautiful scenery, fresh air, and the people. “We’re like Italians,” he explains. “We’re very cheerful, we talk with our hands, our mentality [is […] Read more
The Chornobyl Tour: Experiencing a Post-Apocalyptic World
The Chornobyl Tour: Experiencing a Post-Apocalyptic WorldA few months before the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, I found myself walking through the streets of Kyiv. The city, a unique tapestry woven from the threads of past and present, resonated with a deceptive tranquility, subtly masking the looming storm on the horizon. The country had been embroiled in a conflict with Russia […] Read more
Discover Humacao, Puerto Rico
Discover Humacao, Puerto RicoHumacao, Puerto Rico may be one of the territory’s best kept secrets. Though it’s a bit of a drive from the big attractions of San Juan and famous resort towns like Dorado, Humacao stands on its own as a great option for travelers who want to see a different side of Puerto Rico. From pristine […] Read more
7 Packing Tips to Solo Cycle Around Europe
7 Packing Tips to Solo Cycle Around EuropeAs those of you who have been following Dreams Abroad may know, I recently finished my first-ever cycle tour across Europe. I cycled approximately 6,000 km (that’s nearly 3,730 miles!) over 103 days. My journey took me through Italy, France, Spain, Vatican City, Monaco, and Andorra. It was hard to figure out what the most […] Read more
The Ultimate Portland Food Guide
The Ultimate Portland Food GuideFrom fine dining to food trucks, we’re breaking down the best places to dine in Portland. Portland, Oregon has been an epicenter of delicious food for years. Portland has received some of the highest accolades for food carts, restaurants, and even airport food. The success of Portland’s food scene is multifaceted. Part of the reason […] Read more

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