Meet Julien Fournié Haute Couture Designer
Meet Julien Fournié Haute Couture DesignerHaute couture designer Julien Fournié founded Maison Julien Fournié in 2009. It stands out as one of 16 houses in the world to have been awarded the prestigious haute couture label. His house specializes in crafting custom-made haute couture garments and dresses for its customers, alongside offering an exquisite range of luxury bags and accessories.  […] Read more
Enjoy One Day in London
Enjoy One Day in LondonYou’ve booked your flights and you’re ready to go. But then you check out your trip itinerary and see an extended stop or layover in The Big Smoke–London, England’s capital. What to do with one day in London?  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions  You could spend the time exploring Heathrow, whiling away the hours at a Starbucks […] Read more
Meet Adam and Devin of Santa Barbara Whale Watch
Meet Adam and Devin of Santa Barbara Whale WatchSanta Barbara Whale Watch started as two friends dreaming. Devin Hunt and Adam Ernster met in 2018 during a whale-watching excursion with the Condor Express. They now serve as the captain and marketing manager for the company.  “I first came out as a passenger when [Devin] was working as a deckhand,” says Ernster. “I soon […] Read more
How to Live Like a Local in Mallorca, Spain
How to Live Like a Local in Mallorca, SpainThis is your guide to living like a local in Mallorca, Spain, from a previous resident. I lived in Mallorca, Spain from 2018 to 2021. During my time in Barcelona, my Lizzie McGuire movie moment happened—I fell in love with a Spaniard from Mallorca. With almost six years of living in Spain, I was fortunate […] Read more
10 Chinese Snacks That Vegetarians Will Love
10 Chinese Snacks That Vegetarians Will Love“Have you tried this food before? You have to try it!” I heard some variation of these words so many times during the five years I spent living in China. Having lived in China as both a college student and as a teacher, I had classmates, bosses, friends, and students who were eager to teach […] Read more
How to Spend a Weekend in Las Vegas
How to Spend a Weekend in Las VegasKnown as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” it’s hard to get bored in Las Vegas. Still, for those who are planning their first weekend in Las Vegas—as well as for those coming to Vegas for their first time for a convention—it might be daunting to figure out what to add to your Las Vegas […] Read more
Meet Ryne Gallien of The Chelsea Tampa in Florida
Meet Ryne Gallien of The Chelsea Tampa in FloridaIf there’s one lesson from the career of Ryne Gallien, co-owner of Hair salon The Chelsea Tampa and Tampa Magazine’s 2022 Top 10 Under 40 recipient, it’s to advocate for yourself. Starting off his career as an assistant in hair salons, he says, “I always worked harder and asked for new opportunities.” Those opportunities taught […] Read more
Find Beach Town Vibes in Carpinteria, California
Find Beach Town Vibes in Carpinteria, CaliforniaCarpinteria, California, carved a special place in my heart the very first time I visited the picturesque, peaceful beach town. Something about the slower pace and easy smiles shared amongst passersby makes Carpinteria a haven of sorts. Its natural beauty embraces the soul and soothes the spirit. Living about an hour south of Carpinteria for […] Read more
The Best Asian Countries to Visit as a Female Traveler
The Best Asian Countries to Visit as a Female TravelerTraveling on your own, especially as a woman, can be challenging. As women, we instinctively move through the world differently than men, always trying to avoid unwanted harassment or attention. Our vulnerability and fear of becoming just another news story compels us to hesitate without seeing our curiosities through.  At the age of 21, I […] Read more
How to Find the Best Coffee in Portland, Oregon
How to Find the Best Coffee in Portland, OregonLast Updated May 25, 2024 When you think of the Pacific Northwest you may think about coffee. Well, you may think of rainy gray days first, but that is one of the many reasons why Portlanders love their coffee. In Portland, the appreciation for coffee goes beyond a mere beverage and becomes a serious pursuit. […] Read more

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