Find Beach Town Vibes in Carpinteria, California
Find Beach Town Vibes in Carpinteria, CaliforniaCarpinteria, California, carved a special place in my heart the very first time I visited the picturesque, peaceful beach town. Something about the slower pace and easy smiles shared amongst passersby makes Carpinteria a haven of sorts. Its natural beauty embraces the soul and soothes the spirit. Living about an hour south of Carpinteria for […] Read more
The Best Asian Countries to Visit as a Female Traveler
The Best Asian Countries to Visit as a Female TravelerTraveling on your own, especially as a woman, can be challenging. As women, we instinctively move through the world differently than men, always trying to avoid unwanted harassment or attention. Our vulnerability and fear of becoming just another news story compels us to hesitate without seeing our curiosities through.  At the age of 21, I […] Read more
How to Find the Best Coffee in Portland, Oregon
How to Find the Best Coffee in Portland, OregonWhen you think of the Pacific Northwest you may think about coffee. Well, you may think of rainy gray days first, but that is one of the many reasons why Portlanders love their coffee. In Portland, the appreciation for coffee goes beyond a mere beverage and becomes a serious pursuit. The city has cultivated a […] Read more
What to See on Grand Cayman Island
What to See on Grand Cayman IslandGrand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands, and it’s by far the islands’ main attraction. Though this island may be small, there is much to see and do – so, it’s easy to see why Grand Cayman is this British territory’s grandest place to explore. Today, we’ll take you on a grand tour […] Read more
Meet Jesse Albertini of Sfoglina Pasta in Denver, Colorado
Meet Jesse Albertini of Sfoglina Pasta in Denver, ColoradoJesse Albertini always wanted to run her own company. “I was getting my hair done for prom, and the owners made an impression on me. [It was a] team of girls who had just started their company, [and] I was their last appointment of the day. They poured champagne to celebrate. It was a moment […] Read more
The Must-See Places in Scotland
The Must-See Places in ScotlandScotland. The country’s name can evoke a myriad of images. Thick brogue accents barely decipherable to the untrained ear. Mel Gibson’s William Wallace shouting “freedom!” at the top of his lungs. Bagpipes played on a cobblestone street in front of a grand castle. Scotland is a truly magical country, and not just because its national […] Read more
The Ultimate San Francisco Food Guide
The Ultimate San Francisco Food GuideRestaurants in San Francisco are known for being some of the trendiest dining destinations in the country. Most major cities in the U.S. have a culinary scene that births famous chefs and Instagram-worthy novelties. But San Francisco in general is a place that sets the pace in many industries. So of course that would extend […] Read more
What I Know Now About Studying Abroad in Italy
What I Know Now About Studying Abroad in ItalyYour decision to study abroad in Italy will likely be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. I know firsthand how amazing it is to take off and live in Italy for weeks on end, immersing yourself in the culture, traveling, studying, and eating lots of gelato. Before you book your ticket, you need […] Read more
Meet the Locals: Marc Samuels, New York City
Meet the Locals: Marc Samuels, New York City“Every place is about relationships,” says Marc Samuels, the owner of PhotoTrek Tours, a company that shows guests New York City through combined private tours and photoshoots. Visitors to New York City can hire a photographer and also book a separate walking tour, but Samuels offers both together. Samuels treats every visitor as an honored […] Read more
Castles and Tapas in Jaén, Spain 
Castles and Tapas in Jaén, Spain Surrounded by groves of olive trees and the Jabalecuz mountain region, Jaén, Spain is a must-see destination in Andalucia, Spain. Being a pueblo, or small town, Jaén is not considered by Spanish locals to be a top tourist destination. However, I was lucky enough to be placed in this quaint pueblo during my study abroad […] Read more

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