Austyn Sprouse is a Photogrpaher and Videographer in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His company is AS Visuals.

Austyn Sprouse

Austyn Sprouse is a travel photographer based in Puerto Rico, with an international background. His work varies between photographing travel experiences, accommodations, landscapes, wildlife, and culture. Often, he ventures to other beautiful destinations outside of Puerto Rico to capture captivating scenes and subjects.

A Passion for Travel is Born

Austyn’s very own dreams to go abroad started early. In his first year of university, he was exposed to study abroad programs and the diverse mix of international students at the business school he was attending. By working several side jobs, Austyn saved up enough money to pay for a summer study abroad program between his sophomore and junior college years in Strasbourg, France. Aside from the typical high school spring break week in Cancun, Mexico, arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris was Austyn’s first time stepping into a foreign country. That summer, he was able to travel to various places in France as well as Amsterdam and Barcelona.

This first international trip sparked Austyn’s desire to go abroad even more. He focused his studies with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Finance and International Business, with the intent of taking his finance career international. He also engaged with the International Student Club to deepen his understanding of the diverse cultures and countries represented within the student community and became the president of the club.

A New Career Abroad

After graduation, Austyn took an internship position in Chicago for a European financial market operator and later secured his first full-time position with the company in Frankfurt, Germany. Shortly after moving to Germany in 2015, Austyn bought his first camera, the Fujifilm X-T1. He was taking many photos with his phone but wanted to take photography more seriously. Austyn spent the next three years living and working in Germany, traveling to other European countries on the weekends and holidays, and documenting his travels through photography. Over time, his trips become more and more centered around photography (researching the best locations for photography, booking photography workshops in various cities, etc.). During this time, he also traveled to Colombia, Turkey, Hong Kong, and China, and photographed it all.

A new chapter started for Austyn when he transferred from Frankfurt to Singapore in 2018, for a new position with the same company. The ‘’travel as much as possible and photograph the locations” strategy was the same, but now the geography and homebase was different. From Singapore, Austyn visited various places in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The Start of His Photography Business

After working in Singapore for a year, he decided to leave the corporate world and finance. He gave away all of his belongings, bought a drone, upgraded his camera to the Fujifilm X-T3, packed all his camera gear into a backpack and some clothes into a duffel bag, and flew out to Bali right after his last day of work. There was no plan, just a full embrace of photography, travel, adventure, and the unknown. Using Bali as homebase, Austyn explored other parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, and continued to hone his skills as a creative. He had the incredible opportunity to photograph a variety of different people and places, from professional models to ancient temples, and luxury villas to volcanos.

Austyn’s lifestyle of travel, adventure, and photography came to an abrupt halt in 2020 when the pandemic intensified globally. He flew back to the States to lay low and spend some time with family. However, it did not take long before Austyn got restless and he started seeking his next adventure. He decided to try Puerto Rico, with the intention of starting his photography business. Austyn found an opportunity to work with a local travel agent in Puerto Rico and flew out to the island in September 2020.

Puerto Rico is now home for Austyn and he has found success with his photography business in travel. He works with property management companies, travel companies, and online publications.