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Caroline Hazelton

Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you — Rumi

Caroline Hazelton is an English for Speakers of Other Languages teacher in Miami. Originally from a small town near Jacksonville, she earned her bachelor’s in Spanish at Florida State University. Afterward, Caroline taught Spanish at a pre-k through 8th-grade private school in Tallahassee for two years. After a year of teaching English as a Second Language (ESOL) to adult learners in Leon County Schools, Caroline decided to pursue a master’s in Foreign and Second Language Education to perfect her teaching. Caroline then went on to teach Spanish for two years at Rider University and ESL for a further couple of years at the YWCA Princeton in central New Jersey. After her northern journey, Caroline then went to South Florida, where she now resides. Caroline hopes to continue teaching and eventually earn her PhD in a field related to second language acquisition and improve the quality of education for immigrants in the US.

With a lifelong interest in languages and cultures, Caroline taught herself Spanish after she finished the foreign language program at her high school. Unsure of how to use her passions to give back to the world, she did humanitarian work in Texas, Ukraine, Peru, and Guatemala as an undergraduate. While in Texas working with immigrant families, Caroline realized her love for helping immigrants — a forgotten and often marginalized group of people in the United States — and made ESL her career focus. She became a Spanish teacher to connect cultures and eliminate fear caused by misunderstandings.

Caroline is also a biological mom to young children, a foster parent to a special population called “unaccompanied refugee minors,” and the wife of a Hurricane Hunter and researcher. Her home is a lively mix of multiple languages spoken by her foster children, many playing kids, and frequent discussions about the latest hurricane. Caroline wants to see a world where all have access to equal education and where diversity is considered something beautiful.