Eli Slavkin

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Guest Writer

Eli Slavkin is an internationally-influenced music composer and documentarian. He has a deep love for music and cultures from around the world. Growing up in Los Angeles, CA, and later moving to Boston, MA to attend the world-renowned Berklee College of Music to earn his BM in Film Scoring, Eli always knew something wasn’t right in his life. When he first studied abroad at Berklee Valencia in spring 2017, he discovered that Spain was where he belonged and needed to be.

For the last seven (and soon to be eight) years, Eli has never spent more than one consecutive year living in the same city. Throughout these years, especially when he was in the US, where Eli frequently felt out of place and even depressed, he kept his laser-precise focus on establishing his life in Spain. Eli has lived in (and often bounced between) Los Angeles and Boston (USA), Valéncia, Madrid, and Castellón de la Plana (Spain), and Jerusalem (Israel). He has accumulated a vast wealth of experiences as a traveler, musician, educator, friend, professional, and above all, as a human. Whether spending a summer traveling to 20 cities in Europe solo or another summer living in Madrid as a music editor for several European films and Netflix series, Eli has always carried with him the knowledge that Spain is home. 

Now, Eli is living in Jerusalem, Israel, where he is completing a 10-month long fellowship. Aside from his main responsibilities in the fellowship, he is also continuing to produce relaxing music albums for the US-based label with which he is signed. He is also working on his first album off the label which will be released in 2023.

Eli’s mission is to celebrate and share diverse cultures in order to increase global empathy. He is doing this by producing and scoring a series of documentaries to authentically highlight cultures through music and arts that are unfamiliar to a Western audience- especially in parts of the world which are disproportionately represented negatively (like the Middle East). While in Israel, he is prioritizing making connections in the Middle East and developing proof of concept for this project. Eli’s keen ability to deeply empathize with people from around the globe makes his approach to composition and filmmaking truly unique and incredibly personal. 

To find Eli’s music and learn more about his career as a composer and filmmaker, visit his website.