Photographer Jesse Stehlik of Foto Bohemia

Foto Bohemia

Pavel and Jessie Stehlik are the driving force behind Foto Bohemia based in Tampa, Florida. Celebrating 25 years of working together, they’ve developed a beautiful balance and symmetry in their art. 

Pavel honed his craft in the picturesque landscapes of Europe, where he was born. There he studied photography and developed his unique photojournalistic style. His observant nature allows him to capture candid moments with authenticity and emotion–bringing stories to life through his lens.

Inspired by her husband’s talent, Jessie learned the art of photography under his guidance. With an editorial flair and love for every person she meets, Jessie is inspired to document subjects in their best pose while giving them freedom to be themselves in front of the camera.

Together, they cover a diverse range of genres, from weddings and portraits to events and commercial photography. Their collaborative approach ensures that every client receives a holistic experience–where technical perfection meets a celebration of personality.