Kate Clark

What are young men to rocks and mountains?" — Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen


Kate Clark is from Rye, NY, though she has lived in Washington, DC since 2017 for school. She is a senior at Georgetown University, majoring in Theater and Performance Studies and minoring in Art History, set to graduate this August. Kate traveled domestically throughout her childhood and has since gone farther and farther from NY. She has studied French and American Sign Language for several years now. Kate has immersed herself into the art, culture, and language of France. Her first-ever trip abroad was to Paris.

While Kate has never studied or taught abroad, she has traveled extensively through Europe. Her biggest trip was one she took with her father after her high school graduation in 2017. Though Kate had visited Europe before, this trip opened her eyes to the wonder of travel and she has been itching to keep exploring ever since.

Kate has visited eight different countries on two continents. Her favorite thing to do when discovering a new place is to go to as many museums as possible. Though she prefers art museums, she also loves historic and cultural museums as well. Kate’s favorite museum she’s visited so far is the Louvre.

She has a large postcard collection of her favorite sights and pieces of art from all of her travels. Kate also has a travel journal that she writes in when she is abroad, filled with maps and pamphlets and the like. She is hoping to visit Russia next, once the pandemic is under control, but she’s mostly just looking forward to being able to go anywhere.

Kate interned with Dreams Abroad, working on social media, editing, and other projects. She is an avid reader but she also knits and sews in her free time, along with listening to true crime podcasts. Her favorite part of her day is her nighttime routine and her favorite pastime is throwing a tennis ball around with her dog Mac. You can follow Kate on Instagram to keep up with any future travels and view plenty of dog photos.