Kevin Mascitelli

The essence of intercultural education is the acquisition of empathy — the ability to see the world as others see it, and to allow for the possibility that others may see something we have failed to see or may see it more accurately. The simple purpose of the exchange program… is to erode the culturally rooted mistrust that sets nations against one another. The exchange program is not a panacea but an avenue of hope. —  J.William Fulbright, The Price of Empire


Kevin Mascitelli grew up in a quiet corner of Pennsylvania where he spent many summers hiking through state parks and exploring the east coast’s towns and cities. It was these early days of travel that sparked a curiosity for bigger adventures later in life. He studied International Relations at the University of Delaware. As a student, Kevin worked for his university’s English Language Institute as a mentor and lived with international students studying English in the United States. This impactful experience inspired him to travel overseas and pursue opportunities to teach English abroad. 

Kevin has taught in Germany and Spain. He has visited Italy, Greece, and survived a 24-hour layover in Istanbul. When the pandemic hit, Kevin returned to the US and now resides in the famous state of Delaware — known for its frequent rain, scrapple, proximity to Route I-95, and vibrant chicken population. Because he is a swing dancer and musician, Kevin looks forward to when social activities become safe again.