Leesa Truesdell

Love life. Engage in it. Give it all you've got. Love it with a passion because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it — Maya Angelou

CEO and Founder

Leesa Truesdell is a female solo traveler who knows no strangers and asks too many questions. 

The woman who was once afraid to get on a plane  conquered her fear and moved abroad to Medellín, Colombia and then to Madrid, Spain. Today, she is a global explorer and the Founder and CEO of Dreams Abroad. Consummately curious, Leesa meets with locals and asks too many questions while creating enduring friendships; her openness and genuine curiosity builds bridges across cultural boundaries. 

Leesa’s vision is to make the world more accessible and less intimidating than it was to her when she boarded that first plane to Medellín. Her quest for knowledge and inspiration leads her across the globe, always seeking authentic engagement. On any given trip, Leesa meets with schools that welcome international students, creative professionals who welcome apprenticeships, and locals who positively impact their communities. 

Over the years, solo travel has become her second favorite pastime—second only to sitting at her kitchen counter in Washington, D.C., writing. Her office is wherever she is: at home, on a plane, in a cafe, on the grounds of a castle, behind the curtain at a fashion house, in a gallery, or in the kitchen of a Michelin-rated restaurant. She’s mobile and able to deploy for her next adventure in a matter of moments. 

There may not be a manual for life, but Leesa’s deep commitment to community service guides her to foster collaborative opportunities and immersive experiential learning experiences for herself and eager professionals. Throughout her career, she’s mobilized thousands of individuals into action by inspiring them to accelerate their personal and professional growth through studying, working, or living abroad.

Where’s her next flight? It could be anywhere. But wherever she ends up next, Leesa hopes she’ll find locals who welcome her to their table, into their gallery, onto their farm, and into their confidence, so she can continue her pursuit of living life without boundaries.