Leesa Truesdell

Leesa Truesdell

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Director and Founder

Leesa Truesdell is the managing director of Dreams Abroad, where she has served since its origins in Madrid. She took on an even more significant role during COVID-19. Leesa shaped the rebrand and redirection of Dreams Abroad following her initial goal of empowering global professionals. When the international education and travel industry abruptly came to a halt, Leesa focused on highlighting the team’s stories through interviews and digital media. She also introduced livestreams and a digital media library. 

While undertaking the task of managing a global remote community at the height of the pandemic, Leesa succeeded in increasing monthly website traffic to the highest it had ever reached. In addition, when it was safe to do so, she took a trip to Croatia while planning the newest chapter of the Dreams Abroad network. She thrives on volunteering and giving back. Dreams Abroad’s foundation stems from her long history of community service. 

Like many, Leesa’s immediate career path changed course during the pandemic. She slowly merged into the digital world and found a home doing work that called to her when it needed to get done or had to be reviewed on deadline. Her communications background provided a great foundation, but late hours and long days taught Leesa to remain focused and as a result, Dreams Abroad continues to evolve. Remaining fluid and flexible are the latest ingredients to Leesa’s recipe on how to stay afloat during changing circumstances. 

Dreams Abroad is transitioning into a new era and there are so many who have been a part of the evolution and mission since its formation. The community has evolved into a bigger and better vision of what Leesa dreamed of back in 2016.