Marie Cantor

He invented a face for himself / Behind / he lived died and was reborn / many times. / His face now / has the wrinkles from that face. / His wrinkles have no face" — The Other by Octavio Paz


Marie Cantor graduated from Boston University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Psychology. Additionally, she studied American Sign Language and enjoyed learning more about the Deaf community in Boston, MA. During her time at BU, Marie interned at Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center as an archivist intern and the Northwest as an editorial intern. In 2019, Marie co-founded the Boston University Undergraduate English Lit Association. As the President, she pushed for curriculum reform and established professional relationships to plan networking events for English majors and minors. Now graduated, she is happy to begin professionally editing and continue her creative projects. 

Marie grew up in Metro Detroit, Michigan, surrounded by a large Polish family. She spent most summers by the Great Lakes. Marie loves to read, write, hike, cook, create art, and talk during movies in her free time. Marie’s favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, W.B. Yeats, and Frank Wilczek. Marie will be the first to tell you that she will buy five new books before finishing one. You can follow her bookstagram to see what she is currently reading.

When Marie isn’t spending hours reorganizing her bookshelf, she is hiking nature trails. She has traveled all over the US exploring caves, mountains, deep woods, and dangerous waters. She is crazy for animals and is the type of person to gravitate to the host’s pet at a party. Marie has one family dog and many dog nieces and nephews. Two things sitting at the top of her life goals list are to adopt a puppy and to participate in the Antarctic Artists & Writers Program one day in the far future.