Niamh Moran

I have learnt how to live… how to be in the world and of the world, and not just to stand aside and watch — Audrey Hepburn in “Sabrina”

Guest Writer

Niamh Moran describes herself as a “cultural Celt.” Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland by a Scottish mother and Irish father, her mixed heritage is something she is very proud.

From a young age, Niamh’s parents instilled the importance of discovering and experiencing her cultural roots. At the age of seven, Niamh became a member of St James the Great CCE (a branch of a global organisation that celebrates traditional Irish music). She played tin whistle and fiddle, and sang at a competitive level. Over the course of 10 years, Niamh travelled all across the U.K. and Ireland to participate in competitions with the branch.  This sparked an interest to seek out challenges in new and exciting places.

After finishing secondary school, Niamh decided to go further afield than Scotland for university. She moved to Dublin to study International Languages at UCD before completing a Master´s in Literary Translation at Trinity College Dublin. Niamh was very content in Dublin, but during her Erasmus year in Seville she began to  consider spending time abroad. 

After being immersed in Spanish culture for a year during her studies, Niamh was determined to return to Spain. After achieving her master’s and spending a year in Scotland during the COVID-19 lockdown, Niamh applied to be an auxiliar de conversación (English language assistant).  She was assigned to a city called Castellón de la Plana in the Valencian community where she has been teaching English for the past two years. Teaching in primary schools and private academies has persuaded her that she may have a future career as a teacher ⁠— although she is keeping her options open!

Niamh is now looking for her next adventure and has applied to teach in Valencia City for the upcoming academic year. Valencia may be calling her at the moment but travels to France and South America are also on the cards! While she decides what career to pursue, she is resolute on travelling and exploring while she can or at least before she commits herself to a regular 9 to 5!

When she is not travelling around Europe, Niamh can usually be found with her head in a book or listening to her Audible account! With an English teacher for a mum, Niamh has had a passion for literature from a very young age. She is also a lover of anything vintage from old Hollywood cinema and vintage clothes to jazz music. Many of her friends describe her as an old soul who loves nothing more than to read a book with a cup of tea in hand! Music is still very much a large part of Niamh’s life. She remains involved in traditional Irish music and has branched out into jazz, blues, lo-fi, and alternative genres. However, what she has learned most from her cultural travels is that her favourite hobby is to spend time with the people she cares for the most: her friends and family. For Niamh, these relationships bring stability, love, and community to her sometimes nomadic, travel-filled life.