Pedro Sampaio

You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, who had ever been alive —  James Baldwin


Pedro Sampaio is a 24-year-old historian and educator from Rio de Janeiro. He has a degree in history from the renowned Fluminense Federal University and has worked in ​​education at the Municipality of Niterói since the end of 2019. Now, he is applying for a master’s degree in contemporary history. On top of that, he is studying and researching sex education in Latin America. Pedro loves writing, studying, and reading. In the future, Pedro would feel fulfilled if he could share his knowledge and experiences with as many people as possible.

Pedro has been a traveler since he was 18, having already visited several countries, meeting people with whom he shared many moments and learning different customs and cultures. At the age of 22, Pedro did an exchange program in Adelaide, in South Australia, to work and study English. He lived there for six months. While there, he had the chance to get an advanced English certificate, met many people, and traveled around South Australia. 

After that, Pedro got an au pair job in Madrid, Spain, where he lived for three months. In Madrid, Pedro worked taking care of and teaching English to two 10-year-old twins. In between his duties, he traveled to several places in Spain: Valencia, Toledo, Segovia, and Benidorm. He also took this opportunity to travel to various places in Europe, including Amsterdam, Berlin, and Hamburg. Other countries Pedro already visited include Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, as well as having traveled to various places within Brazil.

The best year of Pedro’s life was undoubtedly 2019. He learned a lot about cultures, places, travels, and traditions. But more than that, by traveling totally alone, Pedro learned many things about himself, which he believes was fundamental for the 24-year-old Pedro. 

Besides loving to travel, Pedro enjoys spending his free time in Rio de Janeiro, going to the beach, exercising, hiking, paddling, and hanging out with friends and family, among other things. Rio de Janeiro for Pedro is one of the best and happiest places in the world. It is his home. Despite the many problems that Brazil faces, Pedro would not exchange Rio de Janeiro for anywhere else. For him, traveling is the second best sensation in the world: meeting people, exploring new places, walking until you get tired, and being open to being surprised by life. But the best feeling there is, is coming back home after a long and amazing trip and being welcomed by typical Brazilian food and the parties that Brazil always gives you. There’s no better feeling than this!