Peter Jones

Peter Jones is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster who has been a presence on Colorado’s media scene for decades as a print and radio journalist, talk show host, and all-purpose communicator. His passions include travel and international cuisine, both of which have been strong undercurrents of his writing, along with music, film, popular culture, and politics. 

Since graduating from the University of Colorado School of Journalism, Peter has reported for Billboard, National Public Radio, America Online, and The Christian Science Monitor, among others. In Colorado, Peter’s work has appeared in 5280, The Colorado Statesman (now, and on Colorado Public Radio. 

Some of his favorite interviews over the years have included Russian journalist Vladimir Pozner, poet Allen Ginsberg, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Gloria Vanderbilt, television icon Steve Allen, Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson, film director Robert Wise, critic Roger Ebert, Glen Campbell, assassination researcher Mark Lane, the Doobie Brothers, the Smothers Brothers, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Charles Schulz, Wolfman Jack, prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, and the inimitable Tiny Tim. Peter’s history as a talk host has included news and entertainment programs, including the former Pop Goes the Culture

For the controversial Prove It!, Peter delved playfully into the world of unproven claims, attracting a degree of international attention. The two-hour radio talk show focused on critical examination of science, health, religion, paranormal, history, and politics, delving into everything from conspiracies and contentious anthropological theories to psychic phenomena and Virgin Mary sightings. The often-controversial multi-guest show was avowedly skeptical of all sides–in a healthy and open-minded way–but also respectful of everyone, generating some ire as well as attention from the press, skeptics’ websites, and an independent documentary filmmaker.

As a traveler, Peter’s favorite destinations include Thailand and Ireland. He traveled through Russia and Ukraine in the late 1980s when they both were part of the Soviet Union. On that trip, he met the other “Peter Jones,” a veteran rock journalist who was the first critic to review the Rolling Stones and later oversaw international coverage for Billboard, including Russia, while the other Peter Jones was a freelancer for the magazine. (He was forced to add his middle initial “M” to his byline to avoid any confusion.) 

Peter’s ongoing traveler’s bucket list includes Africa and the Middle East. Among his favorite unlikely travel stories is getting lost in Rome in the years before GPS and Uber and somehow randomly being picked up late one night by the waiter who had served him an early dinner some hours and miles earlier. 

An avid music fan and collector, Peter is a Beatles superfan who is compiling many of his Beatles-related interviews for a book while ghostwriting the memoirs for the former drummer of another classic rock band. 

In addition to his journalism and marketing writing, Peter has drafted two screenplays, commercials, several industrial videos, and the international movie trailer for one of screen legend Tony Curtis’s final films (for which Peter also recorded the trailer’s voiceover). Peter’s screenplay Character Flaw was a 2024 semifinalist in Stage 32’s second annual Feature Screenwriting Fellowship competition.

When he isn’t traveling, writing, watching movies, or listening to music, Peter is also a father and a less-than-limber yoga practitioner.