Samantha LoDuca in Seville, Spain

Sam LoDuca

Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you will be criticized anyway." — Eleanor Roosevelt

Founder Team

Originally from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Samantha LoDuca is currently living and working in Sevilla, Spain! She is the definition of a city girl born into a small town world who didn’t let that stop her. She attributes a lot of her passion for travel to her small town. Growing up in a safe, comfortable setting surrounded by people who looked like her drove Sam to seek out diversity from an early age. She has always been fascinated with learning about different cultures, countries, and histories.

Sam works in human resources for a global technology company in a niche area of human resources known as Global Mobility supporting the European region. In her role in Global Mobility, she helps employees move internationally. She assists them with immigration, relocation and tax needs and provides advice on getting set up and acclimating to new cultures. She loves the industry and being an expat herself allows her to better understand what other individuals are going through when it comes to moving internationally.

Prior to working in Sevilla, Sam worked with Global Mobility in Dublin, Ireland and Chicago, USA. Before landing her first role in the company, she lived in Madrid, Spain for two years, where she taught English in a local primary school (where she first started with Dreams Abroad). Having lived in so many different places has  shaped the person she is today. She loves getting to know people from other cultures, and is constantly trying to integrate herself further into the local culture.  

Sam is absolutely in love with Sevilla and Spain in general. She always aspired to live there someday and has finally reached that goal! Sam works remotely for her global company; the view from her office overlooks cobblestone streets, colorful buildings and the typical Sevillan orange trees. She is learning and exploring the Andalusian region of Spain and loving every second of it. When she’s not helping others move internationally, you can find her drinking a caña (small Spanish beer) on a terrace in the hippie neighborhood of Alameda de Hercules with friends.