Samantha Moultrie

Be Brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience — Paulo Coelho


Samantha Moultrie grew up in the bustling city of Portland, Oregon. There she spent much of her childhood exploring the outdoors of that diverse state. Growing up with divorced parents, one who lived in the city, and the other who lived in the foothills of Mt. Hood, Samantha was exposed to different ways of living and life on the road. 

Traveling around the states for soccer since she was five years old, Samantha eventually played her collegiate career at Oregon State University. After two years, she decided to leave her collegiate career behind to pursue her long dream of living abroad. She lived in Viterbo, Italy for a year in 2016, where she studied, solo traveled, and became an au pair. She eventually graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Oregon State University.

Samantha never lost the curiosity to learn about other cultures, customs, and languages. After traveling to more than 15 countries during her time abroad, Samantha was determined to return with a focus on learning the history of the people. She has been able to pursue that dream through her career of winemaking. 

After finding her passion in the art of making wine in the Willamette Valley, Samantha followed her dreams back across the sea to Madrid, Spain in 2019. Whilst there, she worked as an intern for a wine tour company and a photographer for a student travel company. Not only did Spain and Italy present Samantha with a vast knowledge of wine and cuisine, it also gave her a sense of belonging and family. Along her travels, she was able to connect with, and hear, stories from people who have inspired her to look deeper into cultures and truly immerse herself in the lifestyle. 

Now back state-side, Samantha has completed her WSET 2 in wine knowledge, Cicerone 1 in beer knowledge, and is pursuing her Italian Wine Scholar Guild. She moved from Oregon to North Carolina to complete her third season of harvest and gain the knowledge of planting a 50-acre vineyard. Samantha currently works as a winemaker’s assistant and hopes to travel to wine-producing countries to expand her understanding of the diversity within the art. With this experience and well-rounded comprehension of the industry, her goal is to own her own vineyard and run a small winery that pays tribute to the ancient cultural styles of winemaking. 

In her spare time, Samantha enjoys hiking and camping with her partner and their two dogs Kita and Kaia. They recently bought a school bus and are in the process of converting it into a home. Their dream is to travel around the states to see remote places and find climbing communities they can get involved in. After the world re-opens and they’ve seen the states, they want to pursue living abroad together and starting a family of their own.