Tracy Marcynzsyn

Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places when you look at it right. — The Grateful Dead


A curious mind and wanderlust for living led Tracy Marcynzsyn to become a journalist and an avid lifelong traveler. While in college at Pepperdine University pursuing her journalism degree, Tracy attended a year abroad program in Heidelberg, Germany, where she was fortunate to travel throughout Europe. During her year abroad, she visited several countries, including the Netherlands, France, Austria, and Belgium; discovered her favorite band, the Grateful Dead; attended Oktoberfest in Munich; and connected with locals eager to share their culture. Meeting people from all walks of life throughout Europe sparked the realization that people share the same concerns no matter where they live.

While exploring new places around the world and sharing her adventures, findings, and travel tips with others, Tracy strives to embody the essence of the places, people, and events she encounters. Writing about people who are passionate about what they do inspires her and often leads to unexpected opportunities. She ended up living in Kauai, the Garden Island, after writing an article about local Hawaiians living in Los Angeles and working for FEMA after the Northridge earthquake in the early ‘90s. She lived in Hawaii for seven years, writing and teaching high school English and journalism, and camping and hiking in the lush jungles and breathtaking beaches of the island whenever possible.  

When she’s not writing, Tracy might be attending a wellness retreat, relaxing at a sound bath, studying herbs, or taking a yoga class. Drawn to healing arts practices and nature, she is a certified yoga and Ayurvedic teacher and former owner of Yoga Jones, an incredible little yoga studio in Ventura, California.

At home near the beach, Tracy loves writing about the people and places in her community as the editor of two regional lifestyle publications, Conejo Valley Lifestyle and Malibu Coast Lifestyle magazines. She is currently working on her third novel while continuing to assist others in manifesting their writing dreams through her editorial services.

She plans to launch her own publication, Jubilee, a magazine dedicated to sharing solutions for enhanced living in the near future, while continuing to travel, write, and follow her heart wherever it leads her.