Five Things to Begin Your Adventure Abroad Now

Five Things to Begin Your Adventure Abroad Now

My nephew Luke is currently spending six months traveling through South America. He took a few moments to answer five things he would have done differently before setting out on his adventure. In 2013, when he was a junior in college, Luke studied a semester abroad in Spain. After graduating, he went to Thailand for six months. Luke stayed in Thailand for an additional six months working freelance jobs.

I asked Luke what five things he would do differently if he were just beginning his adventure abroad now.

1. Ask Questions

I was curious enough in Thailand to learn their “cultural curiosities” but not the life of an everyday Thai person. Ask questions and learn. I’m not sure the same applies as to my time in Spain, but in Thailand, I was just, like “this is exotic! crazy!” Yet I never actually got to the bottom of things or understood the reasons behind the traditions.


2. Spending More Time in Spain

With regards to my time in Spain, I would have spent longer in the country itself. I was hopping on Ryanair flights every other weekend. Not only did this kill my savings, but it took away from my actual Spanish experience. There’s plenty to take in from one country. No place is so shallow as to warrant bimonthly getaways  – you just have to look for it.

3. Be Social

I would have been more social, even if it meant befriending other Americans or westerners. For me, my first six months in Thailand were a bit of a blur because I so thoroughly isolated myself. It’s good to have a sounding board to bounce things off too, so when you notice crazy stuff you don’t just say to yourself, “there’s no way that could have just happened the way I thought it did.”

4. Learn to Cook Local

I would have taken cooking classes and tried making local food with local ingredients. Coming home from your travels and perusing your local grocery store is quintessential reverse culture shock, rock bottom. It’s pathetic and will make you ask your ‘pre-travel self’ “how were you okay with this?” There’s so much produce that pervades foreign supermarkets that you will NEVER find in US stores.

5. Consuming Myself More in Spanish Culture


I would have read more Spanish books and watched more Spanish movies. Looking back, I feel like consuming Spanish art while there is the way it’s meant to be. It’s like being drunk at a bar versus being drunk in a DMV. It also really helps with language skills, immersion, etc.

Begin Your Adventure Abroad Now

Luke worked in kitchens in Australia for six months to finance his latest adventure abroad. This trip is taking him way off the grid. He just landed in the hospital with e-Coli! Nonetheless, Luke is determined to continue exploring. Keep on pursuing your dreams abroad. Thanks, Luke for taking the time to answer these questions and safe travels.

by Cate Dapena

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