How to Plan for a Trip to Mexico City

How to Plan for a Trip to Mexico City

When you decide that you want to spend time in Mexico City, you need to start to plan. You will look up things to do there. You might feel anxiety regarding your safety concerns about Mexico. There is a tendency to put fear in your own mind before arriving o even planning. Don’t do this. Keep a cool head by reading my advice about how to plan for a trip to Mexico City.

1) Seek References

Ask credible sources about which areas they enjoyed and which ones were least desirable. I find that desirable vs. not-so-desirable spots are based on personal preferences, but it’s a good start when beginning your trip itinerary. Locals, friends, and the Internet are your best resources.

I have taught students who are from Mexico City. They were able to inform me of the dangerous areas to avoid. I was able to pick my hotel accommodations and sort through the logistics based on their guidance.

Furthermore, a coworker laid out a pretty solid travel to-do list. She had recently been to Mexico City for a four-day trip. Her recommendations, paired with the urge to see my students in their home country, was the main reason for my visit. She recommended Teotihuacán and Xochimilco. She also suggested using Uber to commute to Teotihuacán and to and from the airport.

2) Get Help from your Community

Carlos, one of our Dreams Abroad writers, recommended two of the towns that I visited for day trips. I was having a hard time narrowing down my choices. He sent me two YouTube videos created by a Canadian who lived there, in Mexico. Carlos had met him and recommended the videos for me to watch.

After watching the videos, and knowing how much time I had in Mexico (and after doing additional research), I narrowed down my day trips to Teotihuacán, Puebla, and Taxco. I chose these three locations because of their geographical proximity to Mexico City. I would not lose too much time traveling and also, they were highly recommended by locals and other sources on the Internet.

3) Location Is Key When Taking a Trip to Mexico City

The next step is to find out where to book your accommodations. I stayed in Polanco because it was convenient and I also knew I would earn more points from staying there. One lesson I learned while staying in Polanco was that it was easy to walk to places such as Chapultepec Park. If you can’t walk, you can call an Uber. Ubers are very safe and are what I preferred to use if I wasn’t walking or riding the Red Bus.

4) Think Transport

Polanco was one of the recommended areas to stay in because of its easy access to the tourist bus stations and the ability to walk to museums. The first day I was in town, I took the Big Red Bus tour with a few of my students and it was very easy to use and locate. The hop-on station was located right across from my hotel at the national auditorium. This was very convenient. The hardest part of the Red Bus was linking up with my students who were coming from different areas of town.

Once we found each other, the bus was easy to use and they enjoyed touring the city with me. There were multiple options for routes and days to purchase. I knew I was going to be in the city for one day because the following day I would be leaving for Teotihuacán. The day pass made the most sense for me since my schedule did not have any consecutive days in the city. We chose the Centro Historico Circuit, which took us around the main downtown area. For those touring Mexico City for the first time, I highly recommend using a bus, as it helps to visualize which areas you want to see from the ground. In addition, the bus is safe and easy to use.

5) Research Vendors

I do a lot of solo traveling because I tend to meet up with friends who live in different countries. I really enjoy meeting new people when I travel. For this reason, I believe using an approved vendor is a great way to see the city and stay safe. Depending on the length of my trip, I will book a few walking tours (for Mexico I used the bus tour). Afterward, I use a vendor to assist with day trips, etc. It just depends on the location and if I have friends that want to go with me or not.

If I am traveling solo on the day trips, I tend to use a trusted vendor to assist with the logistics and to arrange travel out to the location (especially in Mexico since it was my first time there). When I make a second trip, I tend to do more on my own.

I found Vibe Adventures through a travel group on Twitter. They had commented on our Dreams Abroad page on Twitter and so, I reached out to find out more. I ended up really liking their travel plan. They approved of the two cities that I suggested, Taxco and Puebla. They also recommended a visit to the pyramid in Cholula on my way to Puebla.

by Leesa Truesdell


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    1. Hi Zee, thank you for reading my post! It has been on my bucket list since I was in secondary school. My grandpa used to live in the city for work. He lived there for three years and would come home with great stories. I finally got to see it! I highly recommend it and can help you sort through any questions you have when you decide to go.

  1. Mexico City and its surrounding towns are definitely some of the next places I want to visit. Thanks for all the great tips!

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