How Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

How Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

Dreams Abroad GlobeYour studying years are a chance to grow, learn about the world, and make new connections. For those who crave adventure and the experience of learning in a different country, studying abroad is an amazing opportunity. Packing your bags and leaving home to study can be intimidating, but there are a number of professional benefits that come with international studies. So how does studying abroad help your career? Let’s find out. 

Embrace a New Challenge and Life Experience

There are so many options for attending university or college in your own country, so why study abroad? Studying abroad is not only a chance for you to explore a new environment, but it’s also an opportunity for you to gain more life skills. Being uncomfortable and feeling out of place are common experiences for those who pack their bags and study in another country. While these unsettling feelings can be tough, they can also act as a crucial learning experience by testing your boundaries. For employers, the ability to adapt to a new environment and a willingness to explore new opportunities is a key quality in future employees. By having the experience of studying abroad, your resume shows employers that you aren’t afraid of the unknown and that you have the life experience to prove it. 

Why study abroad? To get an edge in the workforce.

Enjoy Intercultural Experiences

“I plan to work in my own country, so why study abroad?” No matter the country you decide to study in, chances are you are going to be exposed to a different culture. Learning how to navigate an academic or professional environment that is not your native one is a dynamic and translatable skill (pardon the pun). With our increasingly connected world, intercultural communication is becoming more important than ever before.  

Make Connections

Home is where the heart is, and leaving friends and family behind is never easy. Why study abroad when it means leaving your loved ones behind? If you are hesitant to leave home behind and are wondering if studying abroad is right for you, you should know studying in another country is an amazing opportunity to meet new people. When you study abroad, you are certain to meet people who are not only from the host country but who are also from all around the globe. In the professional world, there is no such thing as too many connections. Being an international student often means meeting others in the same boat, and whether through sharing classes or living in the same dorm, making friends and connections from different countries is inevitable. And when you get homesick, you can always call home or schedule a virtual meet up. 

Why study abroad? To make more friends!

Our Experiences and Advice for Studying Abroad

The Dreams Abroad team has a lot of experience with study abroad and tips for how, where, and why to do it.

Gain in Spain

The Iberian Peninsula is a popular destination for students. Remember to keep the Spanish islands in your thoughts too. Matthew Hirtes writes about the appeal of furthering your education in the Canary Islands.

Canary Islands

Make your Mark in Denmark 

Emma Schultz shares her experience studying abroad for an academic year in Copenhagen, Denmark, and how it challenged and changed her. Emma took the unusual step these days of extending her stay beyond one semester. Find out why in this illuminating read.

Increase your Intellect in Israel

Studying in Israel’s Haifa is not a conventional choice for your average non-Israeli. Jiye Kang explains why she made the jump to a program overseas. This piece will appeal to those planning a master’s program abroad, far from closer-to-home options.

Explore Your Options

Ready to make the leap? Studying abroad can seem like a challenge, but you don’t need to go at it alone. At Dreams Abroad, we work to connect global professionals and provide the resources needed to succeed. If you are still hesitant and wondering about the pros of studying abroad, explore our site for further inspiration.

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18 thoughts on “How Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

  1. I can see studying abroad as a great way to improve your career options, even if it doesn’t come from direct contacts. Just learning how to navigate the world and different cultures can give you an edge that other people don’t have.

  2. I would love to have study abroad. To be able to take in another culture and country sounds like so much fun and such a neat experience

  3. It sounds like an amazing experience. I went to University in another country, but it was only to the USA from Canada, so I don’t think that counts 😉

  4. I have always kind of regretted not doing a semester abroad. It clearly gives you experiences like no others!

  5. Living and studying abroad, outside your own culture, expands our view and better understanding of the world and life. I’ve done it and truly can say that it totally changed my life for better.

  6. I have always wanted to study abroad even as an exchange student. You have so much to learn especially culturally wise when you study internationally.

  7. I think this would have been amazing to be able to do. Studying abroad would have been so nice to be able to do. I’m glad that some are able to do so.

  8. I regret not studying abroad in Japan back in college. My husband studied in France for a month and loved it so much.

  9. If someone can afford it. Why not. Studying abroad sounds so fun and beneficial. Thanks for sharing further reasons.

  10. Studying abroad was my dream but I never found any opportunity and due to lack of job and scholarship opportunities in our country.

  11. Studying abroad seems like such a great opportunity. When we live among people with different cultures, languages, and ideas we get a broader and better perspective.

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