The Magical Views of Lanzarote, Spain

The Magical Views of Lanzarote, Spain

I want you to imagine that you step out from your doorway and onto the moon (or at least a place that looks like the moon). It is rocky and barren, which is just about what you would expect from such a feral place. But in Lanzarote, Spain, there are oceans and they are lapping at your bare feet with the rhythm of an unexpected breeze. Spots of rain pepper you every now and again giving the air a pure untouched scent.  In front of you is the shore, primarily formed of melted shards. There are liquidy-looking sharp stones melded completely into one, splayed for as many miles as the eye can see. The tides ebb in and out as the stones softly shift under the waves, remnants from primordial volcanoes. They serve as a reminder that life still pulses beneath the surface, right out of reach.

The Colors of the Island

But maybe that lifeforce isn’t so out of reach, after all. Mere seconds before, the land and sky seemed but a flow of blacks, grays, and browns; before the sun made its majestic appearance from behind the clouds; before the light touched the ocean, transforming it from an austere light charcoal to a tropical turquoise; and before the very atmosphere warmed itself within moments.  A rainbow appears, to top it all off, and in that moment, it’s almost as if this chunk of Earth is possessed by a mysterious savage magic. This view of Lanzarote, Spain is something reserved for only a chosen few. It feels like a place where you might encounter a trapped deity or maybe even an Indiana Jones explorer type searching for a sacred lost relic. You think to yourself that this isn’t real, that it couldn’t be real, that there must be some kind of mistake.  

Rainbow in Lanzarote, Spain
See! I wasn’t kidding about the rainbow. Perfect timing, really.

The Doorway Into Another World

But no. The doorway that you stepped out of was not some portal to a lost world. It was your AirBnb and this perfect desert island that feels so out of this world is actually a popular destination for tourists. Welcome, my friends, to Lanzarote.

These natural pools couldn’t get any prettier when the sun hit them. Or colder. We went during December. I guess it would have been way worse if we had gone in February.  Esteban (my boyfriend and traveling companion) said that if we didn’t swim at least once the whole trip would have been a waste. I didn’t agree, but it did serve as inspiration to get in and get wet! I really need to invest in a wetsuit!

I think he liked it!

Our wonderful desert volcanic island view from a bus. Not long after this, we found our way home to our Airbnb.

View of the volcanic mountain Lanzarote, Spain

We were unfortunately up early the next morning. We took a quick stroll on the beach and made the sad sad trek to the airport. I only regret that we didn’t have a bit more time to explore. It really was an otherworldly place.

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  1. Another superb post – I read this and went right to google to see where this was in Spain! I had no idea this was one of the Canary Islands. Keep the posts going – you do a great job making the place come alive. This is now on my list of places to check out.

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