Daniel Turner Explains Why Animal Protection Matters

Daniel Turner Explains Why Animal Protection Matters

ANIMONDIAL co-founder and director Daniel Turner

Animal protection matters to ANIMONDIAL’s co-founder/director Daniel Turner. In this video, he describes the importance of ensuring animal rights. Daniel wants to reinvent tourism. It needn’t be a way to make big bucks. He reminds travel companies of their need to give back.

Specifically, Daniel advocates more compassionate measures with regards to animal welfare. One person’s pet is another’s revenue generator and ANIMONDIAL was set up to ensure that animals are no longer exploited. They should get to enjoy a life independent of being the focus of a holiday video, of a vacation photo.

Remember Your Roots

Elephant taking a bath, copyright ANIMONDIAL
Elephant bathing – c. Animondial

Daniel’s roots are in biology. His University of Sunderland sandwich degree included a year working on a Honduras tobacco farm. A footloose Daniel had already spent his gap year in India, teaching disadvantaged and disabled children.

Post-degree, Daniel returned to Asia as a researcher at the Wildlife Protection Society of India. There then followed a reunion with South America. Daniel’s next position was as a field researcher with Peru’s Sachavacayoc Research Centre with an emphasis on learning about and teaching rainforest ecology.

Daniel argues that it is in our interests, as well as our furry friends, to Build Back Better for Animals and Nature. While tourism has been paused, we need to stop, think, and have a hard look at how we can avert a climate emergency. Species that were once threatened by over-tourism have won some breathing space through the pandemic. And so when tourists return, let’s hope it will be to greater numbers of these animals.

Dreams Abroad is committed to providing a voice for those who have a passionate belief in a cause. We want to help them champion it. It’s all about being heard. Listen without prejudice and you are bound to learn a valuable lesson. In this case, all about animal protection.

36 thoughts on “Daniel Turner Explains Why Animal Protection Matters

  1. I absolutely LOVE the work that Daniel is doing with ANIMONDIAL. I have always hated to see animals used in attractions and other revenue-generation capacities.

  2. Thanks, Brianne. When I travel, I like to try new cuisine or attend traditional celebrations. Watching animals suffer is never pleasant, no matter how beautiful the backdrop is.

  3. I have always loved all (almost all?) animals. There are many things that happened during this pandemic and this does include some positives. One is a revitalizing and growth of nature and another is, as you say, the breathing room for animals.

    1. Yes, Elise. I am an animal lover too. Looking forward to visiting/revisting areas to see the natural development which has occured during the pandemic.

  4. Wow – such great work that Animondial is doing! Animal welfare is an area most tourists ignore for the sake of Instagrammable photos or a “local experience”. Glad that focus is being given to this!

  5. While I try to remember to take at least some photos of a destination, Meki, foreign travel is more about making memories for me.

  6. Such a beautiful article. I love animals and always follow any article which is about animals. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

  7. I guess there is something positive that came out of this pandemic. I never liked seeing animals in cages. I am glad that there are people who are working towards conservation and animal welfare.

    1. I remember going to circuses with animals, Eileen, and I never enjoyed them. Hopefully, this cruel practice is being phased out. The same goes for caging animals.

  8. What a great cause! Generally, when we travel, it’s about going with various family members and doing things together. However, we do have a lot of family in Africa so caring for the welfare of animals is important.

    1. Mother Africa, Dominique, Mother Africa. I am looking forward to returning to the African mainland to see some wild animals in their natural environment.

  9. It was interesting to read about Daniel’s work. I agree it is time to stop and think about making sustainable lifestyle changes.

    1. We have no other option but to slow down when it comes to travel, Neha. Let’s hope we continue to exercise caution when tourism returns. It is our responsibility to the planet to do so.

  10. Yes, this is one of the few positive things to say about the pandemic. It has helped the natural world

    1. Indeed, Emman, indeed. You will find contact details for ANIMONDIAL by clicking on the link. Good luck!

  11. This was very interesting to read. I enjoy learning about other people’s experiences and what they do in life. Appreciate you taking the time to share this.

    1. You’re very welcome, Heather. When we hear about organizations such as Daniel’s ANIMONDIAL, we are committed to spreading the word about them.

  12. I’m really glad you shared this with us. It’s nice to get to know more about others and their experiences. It’s great to hear of him helping animals too.

  13. Daniel’s work is a worthy cause. Tourism exploits animals and they need a voice to help them be heard.

    1. That’s great, Wanda. Thanks for letting us know. Watch out for future profiles of similarly inspiring individuals.

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