Dreams Abroad 2020 Holiday Video

Dreams Abroad 2020 Holiday Video

Our Holiday Video

Dear readers,

It’s that special time of year for Dreams Abroad where we release our holiday video. These videos are a great way to see our authors “face to face,” since so much of what we do happens behind a computer screen. Our first video was all about giving thanks and gave you a fascinating insight into what each team member and author was grateful for. In last year’s video, Dreams Abroad members described their favorite holiday. This year, our video is a little different, much like everything else going on in the world. We’ll always remember 2020. For many of us, it will be remembered just like the holiday season — special. 

We challenged our members, who have been affected by the pandemic more than most because of their love of exploration and travel, to say how this year has changed them for better and worse. We appreciate that the Dreams Abroad community is more important than ever during this stressful time. Our authors’ first-hand accounts allow our readers to get the inside scoop on what it’s genuinely like to travel, live, study, and work abroad. They transport you to destinations that we cannot travel to at the moment — but — we will. Soon. Your continued support is gratifying during these uncertain times. Please set aside some time to watch our latest holiday video and feel free to share to show you care.

Happy holidays and stay safe during these unprecedented times.


Leesa Truesdell

Dreams Abroad Director and Founder

12 thoughts on “Dreams Abroad 2020 Holiday Video

  1. I really loved this video. It’s nice to see all the faces behind the blog. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful holiday season to come!

  2. Yes! Perception is reality! I agree, while it may be a setback, for some people, opportunities have opened. Love this vid.

  3. Love the video. It’s nice to see the faces behind the blog. I had cancelled my holiday ticket this year. I hope coming year, things get better.

  4. Happy holiday. I love this video. Nice to see faces behind the blog. This year is rally bad year every. Everyone through hard life. I hope next year will getting better.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the video! It’s so lovely to see the faces that are usually behind the scenes. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas 🎄

  6. THank you very much for making this beautiful video! Wish you all a joyful christmas time and amazing new starting of the year.

  7. Happy Holidays to all of you. It has been a challenging year for all but we have persevered. Great idea to document your thanks/gratitude via video.

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