Facebook Live with Guy Guyton: Travel Points

Facebook Live with Guy Guyton: Travel Points

A photo of Guy Guyton at Port Reyes during the sunset, thinking about travel tips.Dreams Abroad continues to expand our horizons, coordinating our very first Facebook Live in 2021. Our initial event was with Travel With Guy’s Guy Guyton, a blogger and podcast host who we had already connected with by interviewing him on the site. Dreams Abroad founder and director Leesa Truesdell asked Guy about how travel points can help you save when booking both business trips and vacations.

Guy Guyton’s day job sees him employed as a Strategic Business Consultant. Having a head for figures is something he clearly uses to his advantage to secure discounted travel. Generously passing on his expertise, Guy explained to Leesa and event attendees how having more than one credit/loyalty card can really pay off.

Points Make Prizes

For the uninitiated, travel points are something which can make people feel lost. However, Guy was very clear in describing how points can lead to prizes rather than getting you into debt. This can result in you being able to travel for nearly free.

Guy Guyton is a man on a mission. That mission is to find the best burgers in town wherever he may be. Guy enjoys checking out Business Insider’s state-by-state recommendations to see how they measure up to his exacting standards.

As well as the souvenir of a full stomach, Guy likes to collect mementos by way of unforgettable images. He lovingly captures the destinations he visits on his mobile phone. Guy always travels with a digital camera too, such is his obsession with photography.

It is travel points that Guy is most quizzed about however. He answered questions about whether it is better to hoard them or use them. Everybody who attended the event left knowing a lot more about this travel hack than before.

Guy made some great analogies. He compared travel hacking to Froyo. Airlines and hotel groups like to reward their customers, so they punch your ticket like you’re getting a 10th Froyo for free.

Companies partner with others. So if you have points with Delta United but want to fly somewhere they don’t, relax. They have created a hub with the likes of KLM so you will be able to access routes that aren’t theirs.

The old-fashioned way to accrue more points, Guy explained, is simply to travel. It’s a loyalty programme, so the more you use a company; the more they reward you. Another option is to use the bonuses offered by signing up for a new travel credit card, for example.

We welcomed questions from Dreams Abroad members such as Amanda Whitten and Guy patiently answered them. Leesa was a great chairperson as she followed up with queries of her own. Guy is all about responsible spending, treating credit like cash in that you only spend it if you have it.

Guy likened travel hacking to a game. There are the consumers and they are the heroes. Then there are the banks who are ready to apply interest if you don’t pay your monthly balance in full.

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