Jim Murty Suggests How to Use a Bandana

Jim Murty Suggests How to Use a Bandana

In the travel-writing fraternity, award-winning editor Jim Murty is altogether better known as Bandanaman. He has the bandana on the brain as his VLOG demonstrates. There are so many ways you can use bandanas. Jim gleefully lists them in full.

Jim is a travel nut. He loves to explore new destinations as well as return to old faves. Wherever Jim is in the world, you can be guaranteed he gets himself in the picture with his new pals. Jim enjoys meets and greets locals here, there, and everywhere. He likes to feel at home in new surroundings. Being comfortable is key to Jim and he can quickly adapt to a change in scene.

The Journey

An award-winning editor, he’s also a fantastic raconteur. Reading Jim’s travel articles is like being warmly regaled by him, pint in hand, in a pub. They always tell a story and the emphasis, like the focus of any successful trip, is on the journey rather than the destination. His tales are as meandering as a river. They certainly have as many twists and turns.

Jim Murty’s TravelTravelTravel is a rollercoaster ride of a site. Buckle up for tales of nights spent in the same hotel as the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Mariah Carey. And if you have ever wondered why German trains always run on time, Jim’s as regular as clockwork with the answer. There is a quirkiness to his articles that sets Jim apart from the rest. You remember them because his writing is so very striking.

Above all, there is an intensity to the bandana-wearing Jim’s writing. His articles continue to burn bright long after you have finished reading them. These are veritable works of art that stand the test of time with his website a virtual gallery for whenever you want to view them. Long may the archive grow.


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