Lizzie Enfield on How to Travel Vicariously

Lizzie Enfield on How to Travel Vicariously

Author and writer Lizzie Enfield talks vicarious travelAuthor and journalist Lizzie Enfield’s video talked us through the books she has been reading. These allow her to travel in her mind while she can’t visit foreign shores. Vicarious travel helps those feeling isolated during the pandemic.  If we can’t physically visit foreign shores, we can go there via our imagination. We need to harness the power of our minds to bridge the distance.

Lizzie has writing in her DNA, as her grandmother Doris was a poet who got into a literary spat with Virginia Woolf. As well as penning four novels, BBC Radio 4 has aired her short stories. We can’t wait to read what Lizzie jots down next as it’s bound to make us forget our worries and focus on something out of the ordinary. That is the magic of literature. Stories consume us, take over our attention span, and add a little stardust to our lives.

As well as entertaining readers, Lizzie is an inspiration for authors. Her Finish Your Book: How to Complete Your Half-Written Novel is the perfect present for the procrastinator writer in your life. It is best digested with a cup of tea, Lizzie’s beverage of choice. Take a little bit of time reading this. But don’t take too long as that’s the whole point of the book.

With the natural beauty of the South Downs on her doorstep, Lizzie likes to explore this area on foot. She’s also walked further afield, including trekking the volcanic landscape of the Canary Islands.  Her boots were most definitely made for walking.

Lizzie has acted as a panelist on the literary circuit and penned a long-running column in The Oldie titled Mind The Age Gap. Yet Lizzie refuses to be defined by her age and remains as active as ever. In fact, she has passed on her creative baton to the next generation and is the proud mother of BBC Norfolk radio presenter and singer/songwriter, Kitty Perrin.


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