Sarah Perkins Guebert Discusses Personal Growth

Sarah Perkins Guebert Discusses Personal Growth

Sarah Perkins Guebert Bio PhotoDespite its name, spring cleaning can be done at any time of the year. So says Sarah Perkins Guebert. This Madrid teacher, translator, and writer covers personal growth and professional development. Prepare for some serious decluttering in your life is Sarah’s advice. She also urges you not to delay, but to start today.

A committed Hispanophile, Sarah has made a new life for herself in Spain. She loves to explore the country and has walked the Camino de Santiago. Sarah can help if you are considering undergoing an educational career in Spain. She is somebody you will want to follow in the footsteps of, whether it’s on the Camino or in the world of work.

Sarah’s Bachelor of Arts at Roanoke College was in English Language and Literature and Spanish Language and Literature. She completed a Master’s degree at Bowling Green State University. Between the two degrees, Sarah worked as a language assistant in Spain. This gave her a grounding in Spain’s schools. She got to know the vagaries of the country’s educational system.

Giving Back

Having collaborated with Translators without Borders since June 2020, Sarah has plenty of non-profit experience. Volunteering for her is a way of giving back to society. Sarah puts her language skills to good use in order to benefit humanitarian efforts. She makes good use of her free time. This is such a positive thing.

Sarah started working as a native English teacher at Madrid’s Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Pilar in September 2019. This is an independent state-funded day school for students aged three to 18. Its alumni include actors, athletes, politicians, and even royalty. So, it’s quite clearly not your average school.

Sarah also serves as a translator and interpreter for Rivanimal, a Madrid animal protection organization. Sarah helps non-Spanish-speaking expats to adopt cats and dogs, as well as translating contracts and questionnaires. She keeps herself busy, does Sarah. Perhaps she could be your role model. Isn’t it about time you addressed your personal growth and professional development?


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