Tips About Studying Abroad

Tips About Studying Abroad

Emma Schultz has been a member of Dreams Abroad since 2016 and is currently managing our We Study series. Emma studied abroad twice during her college years. First, she spent the summer of 2014 in Tanzania completing ethnographic research with two professors and nine other students. Later that year she went abroad for the academic year to Copenhagen, Denmark with the DIS program in 2014-2015. Her incredible experience there led her to develop a passion for studying abroad. Afterward, she decided to pursue a career in the field. After completing her bachelor’s degree in anthropology at Dickinson College, Emma moved to Madrid, Spain. She has lived there for the past two and half years teaching English, studying Spanish, and interning for APUNE, the Association of American Programs in Spain. She hopes to pursue a career in study abroad administration.

Challenges Faced When Studying Abroad

In this video, Emma shares some tips about studying abroad. In particular, how to grow through the difficulties you might face there. Whether it’s learning about new cultural norms, adjusting to new class structures, or getting lost on public transportation, studying abroad and navigating life in a foreign country is full of changes that can be hard to get through. In this video, Emma highlights the importance of being challenged when you are studying abroad. She focuses on how to see these challenges as positive instead of negative experiences. She describes how these can help you grow through your time away.

Studying abroad is an exciting time full of change, new discoveries, surprises, and setbacks. But looking at the experience as a full one and recognizing challenges as opportunities for growth will help ensure that you get the most out of it as possible.

If you haven’t read Emma’s post on her time in Denmark and the value of studying abroad for a year, check it out on our We Study page. We hope you enjoy the video and if you have any tips about studying abroad please comment!

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