Meet Marcos González the Picture Perfect Traveler

Meet Marcos González the Picture Perfect Traveler

Marcos González and I have a lot in common. We’ve made reverse journeys across the Pond. While away from our home countries, we have lost loved ones. I founded Dreams Abroad while teaching in Spain. In my latest interview, I speak with Marcos, a traveler who swapped the North Coast of Spain for the West Coast of the States.

“Come home to paradise, come to Asturias.” This is the slogan of the principality’s tourist board. A green and pleasant land, this is northwest Spain. A rugged coast and majestic mountain range crown Asturias. The fare is of the hearty variety, made to satisfy the appetites of those accustomed to working outdoors. It’s Marcos González’s native terrain and while pandemic-enforced absence makes the heart grow fonder, he has embraced a new life in California as a hospitality professional.

You come from Asturias, land of fabada asturiana and sidra. What dish or drink do you miss most from your home?

I miss many, but mackerel is one of my favorite ones! Undeniably, I do love cabracho cake too. It’s like a paté made with rockfish and it’s delicious. I am lucky to be from a country and a location with a rich, delicious, and varied gastronomy.

“If somebody is planning a Spanish road trip, what are the unmissable things to see and do in Asturias?”

First, they need to hire me as a guide… kidding! Asturias is small but you will be surprised by the number of beautiful places that we have. Definitely, Oviedo is a must. Covadonga, Llanes, Somiedo… everywhere there is something beautiful to visit, from waterfalls, lakes, castles, caves, and beaches.

Which country have you enjoyed exploring the most?

I must say that I have loved exploring all of them, but I think France is my number one! I love France. As I used to live in Andorra, I was in France all the time! 

“On your Instagram page, you describe yourself as a traveler, explorer, adventurer. Where was the first place you traveled to both in and outside of Spain?”

Good question… the first time that I went out of Spain was to Ireland. I loved it. In Spain… I would say Barcelona, I think it was the first city out of Asturias that I visited as a traveler.

What has been your favorite individual adventure?

I would say my trip to Hawaii. It was somewhere that I went by myself as a traveler and I had so much fun! Visiting Hawaii was a beautiful experience full of adventure. Kauai conquered my heart!

“You work in hospitality. How did your accommodation react to the pandemic?”

Now I am a food and beverage manager, but I was a hotel manager in the past. We have followed all the protocols and we have been open and busy all the time. I haven’t taken any vacations since March 2020 and it doesn’t seem that I am traveling any time soon. Despite there being a pandemic, I have been working more than ever. I just wished that certain guests could have been more understanding and easier with us. Some people have been extremely rude and aggressive toward us during all this time, forgetting that we are doing our job and putting our lives at risk.

“How much does being based in California (where over a quarter of the population speaks Spanish as a primary language) help you with adjusting to your relocation?”

Well, it’s nice to be able to speak my language. Nonetheless, I am fluent in English, so I don’t mind speaking one or the other language. I have lived in the UK and even in Ireland before, so the language is not a problem for me. The problem is for the poor Californians who have to understand my accent!

What advice would you give to those looking to work in the hospitality industry?

I love the industry. My advice is to be ambitious and enjoy what you do. You should take advantage of the industry to live in different countries as I did. 

“Which one photo that you have taken do you like looking at and why?”

There is a photo with my dog in Asturias that I love. First, because I love my dog and Asturias. Second, I took it when I started getting interested in the photography world.

“When will you return to Asturias to see your family?”

I don’t have plans yet. I am vaccinated and they are too, but I think that it’s risky. With everything that has been going on, I won’t put my family at risk. I can wait until I feel it’s safe. Sometimes, deciding not to visit someone is the greatest proof of love, don’t you think so?

While Marcos is committed to securing residency in the United States for work purposes, his heart remains in Spain. Marcos looks forward to the day he can fly back to Asturias to reunite with his family. In the meantime, Marcos is traveling locally around California. He particularly likes visiting beaches and national parks such as Big Sur and Bodie State Historic Park.

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33 thoughts on “Meet Marcos González the Picture Perfect Traveler

  1. This seems like a fun post to explore differences in travel. Some of those backgrounds in those pictures are beautiful.

    1. Who couldn’t help but be inspired by Marcos and his photos? They are so amazing. We are happy to share them with you.

    1. Marcos has been to some fantastic places. Wonder where he has lined up next? We are already looking forward to the photos.

    1. We’re pleased to introduce you to Marcos. Hope that you continue to follow his adventures from afar. He’s so inspiring.

    1. Both Marcos and his backgrounds are so striking, Emman. You’re right. His profile and the location are a perfect combo.

  2. He’s been to so many beautiful places. I once dreamed of that kind of life for myself but eventually realized that it’s not for me.

    1. Once that itch to travel kicks in, Kevin, you’ve just got to scratch it. It provides such a buzz. Travel is so exciting.

  3. He has been to some great places. I once worked in hospitality also- at a hotel. I loved it, just wish it paid better!

    1. Marcos’ images are a masterclass in travel photography, Tara. We are learning so much from him. He is a great teacher.

    1. Marcos’ photos really do transport me to the various destinations, Kathy. They move me. I mean that both figuratively and literally.

  4. I enjoy reading this interview. He has been in different and beautiful places, and I wish to do that once everything is good and safe.

    1. We look forward to the day we can all make like Marcos, Gervin. He has been to some amazing places. Marcos always captures the essence of them in his travel photography too.

    1. Working in hospitality is a great way to travel the world, Monica. Although we are sure Marcos is already planning his next vacation. He’s still got plenty of wanderlust.

  5. Thanks for your introduction, now I have something to search on IG and check his travels! Maybe I could get tips on which place to visit soon!

    1. Blair, you won’t be disappointed by following Marcos on Instagram. His images are so illuminating. They bring color to all our lives.

    1. Happy to hear you enjoyed reading our interview with Marcos, Claudia. He has really sold me on Asturias. I can’t wait to travel around this unspoiled part of Spain.

    1. Marcos is one of our most recent interviewees. Explore Dreams Abroad to find a treasure trove of interviews. We only reach out to the most inspiring of individuals.

    1. Marcos has so many travel tales to tell, Neeley. We appreciate him sharing some with us. It will be interesting to follow in his footsteps.

  6. Nice to learn things about your travels. Meet new people and get to explore places. Keep safe.

    1. Travel should be social, Grasyah. Unfortunately, now a lot of it is confined to our imaginations. We can’t wait to realize our dreams abroad once again.

  7. Great article and amazing pictures. The one with the dog is a winner ! I feel like I share many common interests with Marcos therefore I really enjoyed reading his story a lot.

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