Oahu Itinerary: Road Trip to the North Shore

Oahu Itinerary: Road Trip to the North Shore

Let’s take a road trip for the day. These recommendations are based on driving from Waikiki Beach across the island of Oahu to the North Shore. The times are up to you but Go Hawaii recommends traveling on a weekday when it’s not so busy. The earlier you head over, the more time you have for shopping, eating, and fun under the Hawaiian sun.

TIP:  Download the Shaka Guide App for their Legendary North Shore Loop (8-10 hours)

If you want to make the most of this Shaka Guide tour — start early. Whether you dip in and out of the app for tips or use it as an actual tour guide in your car, it’s a valuable resource to own. I opted for the latter. It didn’t always work with my rental car’s radio due to technical problems. But, if it had worked, it would have been so worth it to have heard more about the stops while on the drive.

Two people riding in a convertible, chilling on a Shaka Guide Tour Shaka Guide Legendary North Shore Loop Map Two people driving in a convertible while on the Shaka Guided Tour

My North Shore Road Trip

This Oahu itinerary focuses on what to do if you have a day to spend touring the island, starting from the south and making your way over to the North Shore. It takes about an hour to traverse the 40 miles to Banzai Pipeline from Waikiki Beach. Come take a drive with me, and experience some of Hawaii’s finest establishments on the way. 


The scenic views on the road trip to the North Shore are within itself a reason why there are guides and apps made to assist tourists while they drive it. It’s safe and practical during these times when social distancing has become sort of the new norm. I felt at ease in my car as I listened to local stations glancing out my window at the rows and rows of fresh produce grown under the blue skies. I took a wrong turn before my intended first stop and accidentally found a Leonard’s Bakery Mobile off of H-1 near the Pearlridge Center (you are welcome). It was my lucky day. I stopped and said, “I could be upset that I took the wrong turn, but there’s NO LINE at this truck.” 

malasadas Leonard's Bakery Hawaii Leonard's Bakery mobile Leonard's Bakery Hawaii

Dole Plantation

When I got back on the H-1 to head to the H-2, I stopped off at the Dole Plantation, and let’s say if you are there during peak season, get ready to hunt for parking. Pick a lane and wait for the person who is leaving and follow them. Get it. 

Dole Plantation Pineapple in a cup with powdered sugar, which Leesa found on her road trip to the North Shore. Dole Plantation Dole Plantation merch, which Leesa found on her road trip to the North Shore.

North Shore Soap Factory

What is it? Why is it there? The sugar mill dates back, way back. It’s almost a century old. The old sugar mill has been refurbished into the North Shore Soap Shop Factory. It has local charm, organic products, and friendly people. They provide tours of their facility and give details about their product. In addition, they have historical artifacts in their store to view, so it feels like you’re visiting a museum.

North Shore Soap Factory inside the store North Shore Soap Factory Exterior North Shore Soap Shop Motto

Waimea Valley 

Waimea Valley is an area of outstanding natural beauty. It’s also a culturally significant location. Locals call it The Valley of the Priests because of its religious importance. Look out for pohaku (stones) paying homage to Kuúla, the fishing god. The waterfall at Waimea Valley is a must-see. This green and pleasant landscape is full of native flora, and is educational and extremely low-key. 

At the Waimea Valley Waimea Valley Trail, Haleiwa, HI, USA Pink hibiscus in the Waimea Valley


The North Shore is renowned for its waves, and you will enjoy the best surfing conditions in the winter. The winter season is from November through May. It’s important to have fun but also remember to be safe.

If you are lucky enough to be in Hawaii when the surf is up, it is truly a sight to behold. Remember to check the weather to confirm what’s what. There is no shortage of sights that will provide you with a good forecast for waves.

Here are three beaches to check out to see some big wave action: 

Banzai Pipeline or Ehukai Beach

Banzai Pipeline gets its name from the surfers who ride the barreling waves that curl like a pipe. Every year, prestigious events take place here. However, you can see surfers testing their skills against the pipe all throughout the winter when the waves are up. People come from all over the world to see these surfers in action. The pipe is smokin’ with surfers looking to win the competitions. It takes incredible skill to surf these waves and it is truly a sight to behold.

Surfers catching a wave at Ehukai Beach Fear the Banzai Pipeline Ehukai Beach Clouds

Sunset Beach

As the name suggests, Sunset Beach is not only a great place for surfers to catch a wave, but it offers a scenic end to a day too. Originally called Paumalü, which means “taken by surprise” in Hawaiian, legend has it that it’s named after a woman attacked by a shark as a punishment for disrespecting the reef. It’s a two-mile stretch of khaki-colored sand. 

Sunset Beach scene Sunset Beach Rainbow Sunset Beach

Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay is a white sand beach that looks beautiful from far away. But, during the winter months, the shore break can be fierce. Be sure to check the signage and stay safe. A good place to get a view of Waimea Bay is Pu’u o Mahuka Heiau, a state landmark. Thrill-seekers are advised to take a 20-foot cliff dive from the rocks. Only do so if you see other people jumping in.

Waimea Bay, Hawaii, USA White sands of Waimea Bay Someone jumping off Waimea Rock during the sunset

Haleiwa Town

This is a stop you can make at the beginning or end of the road trip to the North Shore. I chose to have dinner and explore Haleiwa Town before heading back to Waikiki Beach. Haleiwa Joe’s does not take reservations and is not open for lunch. They open at 4:30 pm, and the line outside starts at 4:00 pm during high season. The Mahi (dolphinfish) was so fresh it fell off the fork, and the service was timely. It’s worth the buzz. I’d try to go on a weekday to eliminate even more of a wait if possible. 

The Haleiwa Sign, which Leesa visited while on her road trip to the North Shore Photo by Hawaii Tourism Authority's Vincent Lim. Haleiwa Beach Park from above A Haleiwa pedestrian street, which Leesa visited on her road trip to the North Shore.

Alternative Options 

If the wait is too long or you want to eat lunch during your road trip to the North Shore, Kua’aina is another option that won’t disappoint. Want a burger in Hawaii? Open since 1975, it’s the oldest running food establishment in Haleiwa. 

A third option if you want to have a picnic at the beach is to pick up some local favorites. By the way, spending the afternoon at the beach relaxing is a pretty good way to do it. So here are three options for your plan. 

  • Huli Huli Chicken — Ray’s Kiawe Broiled Chicken serves it, and so do others around town. 
  • Poke — you can get this diced raw fish dish at the local supermarkets — amazing! 
  • Fresh fruit (hi vegans!) — Kuilima Farm Stand across from Kawela Bay sells the likes of coconut and star fruit. 
  • Last but certainly not least is shaved ice, and the local legend is Matsumoto’s. Somehow, the ice cream they put on the bottom (yes, this is how you must get it) makes for some magical combination of ice and ice cream that is worth the inevitable line you will have to deal with.
A turtle on Turtle Beach North Shore Surfing Rainbow bridge Haleiwa

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  1. Wow looks like you had a great trip! The beaches look so nice and the valley truly beautiful. Got to love a good road trip!

  2. Thanks for putting the toolkit and pono pledge on my radar. I haven’t visited Hawaii yet, it is high on my travel wish list. And I am bookmarking this itinerary so I have a point of reference for my trip. Haleiwa Joes reminds me of some places I have visited on my travels when asking locals where they eat. Generally when I see a long line I know it’s a good sign. (Although I always like the comfort of having a reseveration!)

  3. Hawaii is such a gorgeous state. We went there once, but we stuck mostly to the area surrounding the resort. I’d love to do a road trip next time.

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  5. This is one unforgettable trip. We can find plenty of delightful pockets of nature, scenic lookouts in this place.

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  16. This looks like an epic North Shore road trip. I would love to experience this with my hubby and the girls.

    1. Hi Lavanda,
      It’s a great time. The Shaka Guide app was a great introduction to the island too. Have fun!

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    1. Hi Blair,
      This is the way to see the island. The locals will appreciate the support and you will get to see Hawaiian culture.
      Thanks for your message,

    1. Hi Catalina,
      I hope you get to go. Message us with any questions and we will be sure to answer them.

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