St. Augustine, Florida: an Excursion to Remember

St. Augustine, Florida: an Excursion to Remember

What is a memory? A series of intertwined images revolving around in an electricity typhoon? The main pillar of (cognitive) knowledge? Echoes of a distant time resonating through your thoughts? Without it we could not remember how to get to work or how to dress; without it, we could not be who we are, because we could not remember our past. We would not be able to know that karma is almost scientific: every action has a reaction. Or maybe it is all of this and more, all at once.

Today I find myself remembering a lot of things. The thing is, when you vividly remember something, it is almost as if you could taste it. Do you know that feeling? Have you ever missed something you barely knew? I miss how I felt when I was in St. Augustine, Florida.

Let us be clear, before every memory lies a thin veil of uncertainty. This doesn’t necessarily make memories unreliable but this is a subtle warning that everything might be or might be not as you thought it was. Remembering is a cognitive process related to imagination. It’s impossible to have any control over the human imagination. Nonetheless, this process only embellishes our memories. I had nothing but a good time in St. Augustine. As I look back on my time there, I sense the sweet taste endemic of those great, indelible, fierce memories that stand tall in the fight against oblivion. Those memories are the thing known as the time of your life.

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My First Impression of St. Augustine

The first thing I noticed was the architecture. I felt like I was home. This part of the US was “inhabited” by the Spaniards initially, and it’s noticeable in the architecture. The characteristic Spanish architecture is exactly the kind of architecture I would see in my own country. Regardless of its origins, it’s a themed town I would say.

It looks like it stepped out of the 16th century or so, you know? It recalls a time back to when the Atlantic was swarmed with all kinds of greedy Jack Sparrow types and the American continent was still a dream and a new opportunity — a ripe, juicy fruit for everyone and anyone to take. I even saw some pirates while I was there, actually. We were near the fort, Castillo de San Marcos, so that’s what probably sparked my imagination. Water was everywhere you looked, with the Matanzas River spilling into the ocean. A cool breeze swept through the harbor, swirling around the peaceful boats bobbing beneath the bridge. I was fascinated, honestly. This was the kind of place I love to visit.

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Seeing the City on Foot

By foot is the only way to truly see this city. We parked and got going without direction, just putting one foot in front of the other, as they will. There were lots of stores. Each shop and restaurant has a unique décor that’s coherent with the idea of the town. We saw all kinds of stuff: amazing souvenirs, clothes, toys, board games, and jewelry. You name it, it was there. A single tour of just one street took us more than half an hour. It was impossible not to stop at every single store display to stare at something. We got lost from the group once or twice because everyone was interested in something different, of course.

All in all, we had a great time just walking around. The main attraction is the Castillo de San Marcos. Castillo de San Marcos, known simply as “the Fort” by locals, is the crowned jewel of St. Augustine. It’s a great construction whose rich history is embedded into the fabric of St. Augustine itself. Speaking of great buildings: we all agreed that the city’s university almost looked like it was straight out of Hogwarts. And it really was! Flagler College sits across from the Lightner Museum, which I found out sometime later.

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After a while, it was time to get a room. We still had some time to find a fairly priced accommodation before nighttime. After only a little bit of looking, we rented a room in a tiny, cozy hotel just beyond the bridge. The price was fair and the location was pretty decent, seeing how close we were to downtown.

St. Augustine at Night

We couldn’t leave without visiting the St. Augustine beach. Even though we went at night, there were still lots of people. There was a pier off the beach with lots of stores and food. Even though it was so dark you couldn’t see the people on the beach, the pier was alive with light. Nonetheless, we went down to the beach to swim for a little bit. Even though it might have been unwise, we stayed close to the beach.


I even made friends with a couple while we were at the beach. They were in their 50s and were foreigners in America, just like me. We talked a lot before he invited me for a beer. I introduced my friends when they got out of the ocean. It had been a really nice day, but after a while, it got pretty late. The beach started to run empty and we decided it was time to call it a night and went back to the car. By that time, we were experts in cleaning sand off of our shoes and feet without getting the rental car dirty. We rinsed off with the showers on the beach before returning to the hotel to get ready for the rest of the evening.

The night is where the real magic happens. The town has an eerie, mystical vibe to it. It’s only accentuated by the dark. One of the more popular things to do there is to take a haunted tour of the lighthouse. It’s said that it’s really actually haunted, but that can’t be on the tour, surely.

St. Augustine is Incredibly Charming

I really loved the journey to and from the hotel. Everything was shiny and beautiful. Even though we had a really good time, we had to go the next day. I remember how beautiful it was that night in the hotel because the moon was huge. I felt it right above me and the hotel. I’ve always had a tendency to go to sleep late, so I snuck outside to see the stars. I had a wonderful night chilling outside while my friends slept.

There are no possible words that could give St. Augustine justice. It is an incredibly charming little city. I would love to live there. I can’t wait to return someday.

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