Travel Survey: Travelers and Destinations

Travel Survey Summary

Based on our survey from last month, the responses indicated that of those surveyed 41.7% thought that exploring the area and seeing the famous sights sounded like the best vacation. As far as distance goes, 61.7% said the further the better when it came to where they would want to spend time on their vacation. Time constraints are always an issue, but 50% of our surveyors said a few weeks was their ideal time to spend on their vacation and that they were pretty free to travel other than being in school or working. Notably, 41.7% prefer traveling alone. A majority of our surveyors preferred flying into their destination to lodge at a hotel or hostel, with 61.7% voting for that category. Finally, of those surveyed, 51.8 % said they would prefer meeting locals and chatting with them at a café or bar. It can be seen here, What Type of Traveler Are You?

Travelers and Destinations Survey

This month, we want to know where you’re interested in going! What is your favorite destination?  Summertime is always a good time to travel, so we’d like to provide you tips and first-person experiences about some of the places you like the most. Answer our survey below so we can create the best experience for our readers and online community!


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Travel Survey: What Type of Traveler Are You?

We Want to Know What Type of Traveler Are You?

Here are some questions we are asking about your preferences on travel. Answer them to tell us what kind of traveler you are! There are many different kinds of travelers. Let us know what kind of traveler you are so that we can bring unique articles here just for you in the future! 

(Note: this is not a quiz that will give you your lunar astrology sign. We are collecting information to write a blog about this information. The sum of all the information will be shared in the upcoming months! Thanks for participating!)

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