The Best Time to Visit Los Cabos, Mexico

Lovers Beach at Cabo San Lucas as seen during the best time to visit Los Cabos

When you’re starting to plan your trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, you may ask when is the best time to visit Los Cabos. Here’s our honest answer: It truly depends on what you want, when you want it, and where you want to go. No matter what exactly you want to do, Los Cabos probably has what you want. But since the weather, the prices, and the event calendar can vary, so might your ideal travel time.

Below, we’ll walk you through what to expect throughout the year, when you can potentially score the best deals, and where you can likely find what you’re looking for in and around Cabo. 

Why You Should Visit Los Cabos, Mexico

There are multiple reasons why Los Cabos has become one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations. For one, Cabo is blessed with almost perpetually warm and sunny weather year-round. Also, Cabo is one of the country’s safest destinations. The U.S. State Department ranks Baja California Sur as one of Mexico’s safer states, and tourists and locals themselves consistently rank Los Cabos as one of the country’s safest destinations.

It also helps that Cabo abounds in natural beauty; it’s rugged desert, yet its coastal location makes it feel less harsh and more inviting. Los Cabos has beaches to explore and enjoy, yet Cabo also has plenty of mountains, wetlands, and open desert to experience as well. It also offers its own unique “two-for-one special” in cityscapes. Cabo San Lucas is the international party town where you’ll find the rowdiest nightclubs and name-brand resorts, while San José del Cabo is the more laid-back city with authentically Mexican flair and artistic spirit. 

To make Cabo even better for North American travelers, Cabo is easy to reach: Los Cabos International Airport offers direct flights to and from a large and growing list of major cities, including Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York (JFK and Newark), Phoenix, Seattle-Tacoma, Toronto, and Vancouver.

When to Visit for the Best Weather

When is the best time to visit Los Cabos for the best weather? Though Los Cabos tends to stay warm year-round, summer is definitely Cabo’s hottest and wettest season. Daytime highs often exceed 32° Celsius (or about 90° Fahrenheit) from June through September. August and September are by far Cabo’s rainiest months, and Cabo even occasionally runs the risk of a tropical storm or hurricane reaching shore. 

In contrast, Los Cabos tends to stay dry during the winter. However, winter is also Cabo’s coolest season, as daytime highs usually stay below 27°C (or about 81°F) December through February, and nighttime lows sometimes drop below 13°C (or about 55°F).

If you want the absolute best weather for your Cabo trip, your best bet is to plan a springtime trip (March through May). Daytime highs average in the high 20s to low 30s Celsius (or the 80s Fahrenheit), nighttime lows hardly ever drop below 13°C, and rainfall is almost nonexistent, though sea water temperatures are at their coolest (around 22°C/71°F) during this time of the year. Don’t mind the chance of a little rain here and there? A fall trip (October through November) will probably also give you a good chance of enjoying some great Cabo weather on land and warmer water at sea. 

When to Visit for the Best Bargains 

Those looking for the best prices for their next Cabo trip should prepare to sweat it out: summer is almost always when you’ll find the cheapest hotel rates and airfares. If you’re wondering why, then read above. Since Cabo is at its hottest and wettest during the summer, that’s also when tourist crowds are at their thinnest. In turn, this pushes hotels and airlines to lower their prices in order to sell more rooms and tickets.

On the flip side, the winter and early spring season (December through April) almost always feature the highest prices. Because the weather is at its most pleasant, and because this is when Americans and Canadians are most motivated to escape the cold weather at home, this is when the law of supply and demand tends to work against travelers the most. It’s also hard to score deals in March and April, when spring break revelers pour into Cabo and keep nearly the entire region booked and busy. 

If you want that “sweet spot” of nice weather and reasonable prices, you may want to consider booking during the shoulder seasons of May through June and October through November. As mentioned above, the weather isn’t too hot or wet during these months. Yet at the same time, the crowds aren’t quite as huge as during the peak winter and spring seasons, so you stand a better chance of scoring better prices on hotels and flights.

When to Visit for Your Favorite Activities 

When is the best time to visit Los Cabos for events and activities? Thanks to Los Cabos’ tropical location and desert climate, there’s plenty for travelers to do year-round. But when you’re deciding what to do in Los Cabos during your trip, some times may be better than others for you to visit… Or conversely, some activities may be better than others during your trip.

If you enjoy hiking, biking, climbing, and other outdoor activities (on land) during your trips, then winter and early spring are the best time to visit Los Cabos due to the mild and pleasant weather. This is also the time of the year for the best whale watching, as this is typically when Pacific Ocean-based whales arrive for the warmer water for mating and birthing. For warm and clear water that’s best for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and diving, you may prefer to visit during early fall (September and October). 

For the best fishing, Cabo’s big fishing tournaments also occur during the fall. The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament and Bisbee’s Black and Blue happen every October, and the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot occurs every November. For the best foodie action, check in advance for the Gastrovino food and wine festival. It’s happening December 8-10 in 2023, and it’s usually in November or December every year. For more cultural events, you may want a winter or spring trip. The Tropic of Cancer Music & Arts Festival hits the nearby town of Todos Santos in January, and the San José del Cabo festival usually occurs in March.

Where to Visit Year-Round

Now that you have a better idea of when to travel, here’s some activities and can’t-miss stops that are ideal for an itinerary anytime of the year. As hinted earlier, Los Cabos is a big region with two larger cities, multiple small towns, and plenty of backcountry full of wide open parks and spaces. Probably the most famous city in Los Cabos is Cabo San Lucas, because Cabo San Lucas has the most traveler-oriented creature comforts. The Marina District is chock-full of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, as well as the Puerto Paraiso and Luxury Avenue shopping malls. And if you want a beach with calm waves for swimming and plenty of amenities nearby, Medano Beach is where you want to go.

For a very different urban exploration experience, head to San José del Cabo. Though San José del Cabo has a few large resorts, you’ll find many more boutique hotels and vacation rentals here (more on this below), plus you will find neighborhoods that look and feel more like places where locals live year-round. In particular, the 23400 District has many of the region’s most exciting and innovative restaurants, and the Gallery District is a thriving artists’ village that has truly become Cabo’s creative heart and soul. For great surfing beaches, San José del Cabo has some of the region’s best surf breaks, including Monumento, Zippers, Acapulquito, and La Roca. And for the perfect nearby outdoor escape, Estero San José del Cabo extends for some 40 kilometers (or about 25 miles), and it’s a verdant wetlands park where over 100 animal species (including birds, fish, and turtles) call home.

Where to Visit to Get Away From It All

For a more relaxing escape where you can truly “get away from it all,” go north. North of San José del Cabo, Cabo Pulmo has a National Marine Park that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its incredible array of aquatic wildlife. Some 800 species of marine life call this stretch of sea home, so this is where to go for the best snorkeling and diving. Meanwhile, north of Cabo San Lucas is Todos Santos, an official Pueblo Mágico (or “magical town”) that’s simultaneously a thriving artists’ village, a laid-back surf town, and the regional epicenter of delectable farm-to-table cuisine.

Where to Visit to Stay Close to All the Action 

If you want to be at the center of all the nightlife, dining, shopping, and beach activities in Cabo San Lucas, Medano Beach and the Marina District abound in brand-name hotels and resorts. A favorite is Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa, a Noble House boutique resort in the heart of Medano Beach. It has great amenities like a full-service spa, the Aleta and Rooftop 360 restaurants, and Cabolectric water experiences, plus it’s walking distance from some of Cabo’s hottest clubs.

For easy access to all the incredible artistic and cultural amenities of San José del Cabo’s Gallery District, Drift Hotel has sleek rooms, an all-day bar and restaurant, an on-site surf and yoga shop, and an unbeatable location that offers easy access to Cabo’s hottest restaurants and art galleries. If you prefer an all-inclusive resort, the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos isn’t far from the heart of San José del Cabo, yet it also offers a great beachfront location, seven on-site restaurants, and spacious rooms and suites. For a more luxurious experience, the Viceroy Los Cabos has palatial rooms and suites, multiple restaurants and bars, on-site art programs, a full-service spa and gym, and a prime location by the sea that is close to town.

For maximum luxury and seclusion near Cabo Pulmo, the Four Seasons Resort has a private beach, a private marina, six pools, an 18-hole championship golf club, an Adventure Concierge team (to help you plan your activities), and some of the poshest rooms, suites, and private villas you’ll find in Cabo. 

When to Visit Los Cabos, Mexico for You

The best time to visit Los Cabos truly is a question that deserves an individually tailored answer. Depending on whether you value the most pleasant weather, the lowest prices, the best water conditions for aquatic activities, or the widest array of artistic and cultural festivals, it’s important to check the calendar, see what’s happening when, and plan your trip during the time when you can find the most of what you want to experience in Cabo. 

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