What Are Examples of Virtual Learning?

What Are Examples of Virtual Learning?

Bebe Bakhtiar HeadshotVirtual learning has its ups and downs, but unfortunately, I have been experiencing more downs than ups. From connection glitches to students not knowing how to open an Internet browser, I am experiencing it all. The shift into the virtual world has added a lot to our teacher plates, and we are running out of space for ourselves. With this cloud of technological doom looming over our heads, making our lessons engaging and interactive has become a bit of a drag. Fear not! I am happy to share with you some virtual teaching ideas that will certainly make your life a lot easier.

Platforms for Virtual Learning:

There are some platforms out there that have been undeniably sent by the teacher gods to save our mental health. Here are my three favorite free sites to use while virtual learning:

  • Seesaw — With a huge library of lessons organized by grade level or subject, you can really get your students engaged. This platform allows students to interact with the lesson — circle or type answers, record themselves, move pieces, etc. Additionally, you can record yourself giving instructions to the students! Use it as a “worksheet” substitute to track progress and practice.
  • Nearpod — This is essentially a website that allows you to use a PowerPoint with checks for understanding embedded between the slides. Again, there’s a big library of lessons already made for you to use, or you can upload your own. You can add checks for understanding between each slide involving multiple-choice, short answers, drawing, bulletin board collaboration, etc. I use this when I’m presenting new material. Those interactive checks to see if my students are understanding help me see if students are internalizing the concepts.
  • Quizizz — We need to assess, but it can be a pain to make your own online quiz. This site also has a library of premade quizzes for quick assessments, or you can make your own. It has all different subjects and content areas for all grades.

Videos for Virtual Learning:

Sometimes, it’s okay to put up a video for the whole class to engage with. It saves your voice and keeps the kids excited about being in class while virtually learning. I use these videos typically on Fridays just to wind down with the students:

  • Art for Kids Hub — this YouTube series is AMAZING. Step-by-step video tutorials to follow along and draw just about anything for all ages! The artist goes very slowly, and you can always pause the video when necessary, and the drawings always turn out great. Trust me on this one. Screen share any of their videos over Zoom and the kids will have a blast drawing with you.
  • Riddle Me This — Students need to interact and socialize with their peers. I use this channel on YouTube to play riddles for my students. I put them in different breakout rooms on Zoom so they discuss what they think the solution is. Then, they come back to the main Zoom with their ideas. They get REALLY into it, but I suggest screening the entire video before class to make sure the content is age-appropriate for your group, as some of these riddles involve being a detective to a murder.

Interactive PowerPoint Ideas:

I have always taught using PowerPoints, and sometimes I am lost without them. I don’t want to let them go just because we are virtual. Here are some ideas on how to surely bring your PowerPoints to life in the virtual setting:

  • Four Corners — From ice breakers to reviews, we have all without a doubt used the four corners to get students moving. In the virtual setting, it’s a bit hard to get students to move out of their chairs when the lesson is on their screen. With virtual 4 corners, just substitute the corners for fingers! Have them hold up the answer to the camera, and that’s generally it! They are moving and participating. Use it as a fun activity for reviews, practice, or getting to know each other.


  • Design a classroom — In PowerPoint, you can actually create a lovely classroom setting. Search for “hardwood floors, blackboard, brick wall, sofa, rug, bookcase, lamp, and plants,” then paste them into a PowerPoint presentation to create a classroom. I also downloaded and used Bitmoji to insert “myself” into the class. Once I assembled the class, I copied it to all the slides, then added a text box to the blackboard. It looks like you’re virtually delivering and writing in a real classroom, which is perfect for virtual learning!
  • What’s in the box? — I found this game off of a website and have loved it ever since. The post-its surrounding the box are clues. Students choose a post-it and read out the clues. This is a great opportunity to add some complex sentences and vocabulary and to get kids to practice reading out loud. What’s more, it’s a lot of fun! One by one, we take off the post-its. After we have revealed the statements, I ask them to write in the chatbox on Zoom their guess for the big box. After I have all the guesses, we reveal the mystery! Search “what’s in the box ppt game” in Google to get this template and customize it for your students.

Get Creative!

It can seem like the ideas for virtual learning and teaching are limited, but I hope these suggestions got your creative juices flowing! Check out some of these options and let me know how they worked for you. If you have any other cool things you’re doing in your virtual classroom, don’t be afraid to comment!

Stay energized,


by Bebe Bakhtiar

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  1. In fact, in this strange historical moment that we are experiencing, the school is undergoing drastic changes and virtual teaching must draw up its vademecum …

  2. Thank you so much for putting all of these sites together for our teachers and home schooling parents. Great resource for them to use!

  3. Thank you very much! These are very timely tips especially to teachers or anyone who will or is going to do a presentation via Zoom, Google Meet or whatever platform. I am still learning too on how to utilize these technological tools, Here in our country, teachers do a lot of virtual class simulation already.

  4. This is definitely a very timely article for everyone especially to our dear teacher. As we battle this pandemic and going to the new norm of schooling in a while (I hope) these are the things that teacher and student must know and learn. Thanks for sharing such amazing article that we all should consider and applying.

  5. I feel your pain! But these are some really awesome options! I love Join My Quiz and Design a Classroom! So much fun! (although I would probably waste so much time playing with the design a classroom app, lol).

  6. Wow, I’m impressed! Love the suggestions you gave, they’re really helpful for new teachers or teachers that have been in the game for a while, but need fresh, innovative ways to keep students engaged! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is going to help so many families! Whether they’re homeschooling or remote learnig, kids are going to need more educational outlets than they would if they were in school for 8 hours a day.

  8. these look like good learning games for children. the guessing of 3 doors makes me think of the game show – Let’s Make a Deal.

  9. These are great tips that are all so helpful. I will pass this along to friends that have kids that are doing virtual learning.

  10. I absolutely love this list. As a parent, I always am looking for resources to help my kids learn in a fun way. Love the Riddle me this and arts for kids hub. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  11. There are some really good tips here for sure. now more than ever it is a great time to learn online and make the most of a bad situation xx

  12. This is very helpful. I keep getting all types of requests for virtual classes and have been considering taking one.

  13. these are great tips. looks like we are going to be doing virtual again soon as our schools are going into lockdown again.

  14. Excellent compilation. My son will be interested to explore on them. In fact kids now really need them, online and virtual learning is the mantra now.

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